Frank Ward is a veteran history and speech teacher in Tulsa as well as a long time tennis coach.  However, most people know him for the many years he has been affiliated with the Tulsa Area Tennis Association (TATA) as its Executive Director.  If you played a Tulsa tennis tournament, chances are that Frank was running the tournament.  The tennis courts at LaFortune Park were filled with players for tournaments he directed there for over 35 years beginning with the Tulsa World in 1967.  The number of tournaments each year quickly increased after that until a player could have a full tournament schedule without ever leaving Tulsa.  He was a mentor to hundreds if not thousands of tennis youth who give him credit for their adult success.  He is also recognized with a permanent monument at LaFortune Park Tennis Center for his commitment and service to the betterment of tennis in Tulsa and all of northeast Oklahoma.   

Frank has been inducted into the Missouri Valley Tennis Hall of Fame.  He and his wife Peggy live in Tulsa.